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Introduction to Capital Theory

Hello Everyone.

The UOA Economics Group is coming back online for the second part of the year.  Overseas travel, study and work commitments have meant that we had to take a longer break than we had wanted, however we are now back with an interesting and challenging programme for the remainder of the year.  We will be bringing you more meetings over the coming months as we get to grip with some complex topics.

Economic ideas, as we have seen, change the world and any student of economics must be familiar with the range of ideas that exist. This is especially important as economists struggle to explain what has happened in recent years to the world’s financial system.

We have looked at The Broken Window Fallacy, Division of Labour and Say’s Law. We will now continue looking at Capital and its Structure.  This will be crucial in understanding why things have gone so wrong recently as we later examine business cycle theory and apply this to the recent financial crisis.  The theory of capital lies at the heart of economics which we will introduce in the next seminar.  Capital is a large subject but this should wet your appetite for some interesting conversations and more talking points to get you thinking.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Tuesday 31st August
Time: 7pm
Location: University of Auckland Owen Glen Building.  Room 260-317.

For those that are unfamiliar that is on the third floor of the new business school.  NB the road level is level 1.

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