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Economics for Real People-2011

Hi and welcome back to university for those continuing their studies.

This year the Economics Group has a table at the Business School’s orientation week. If you are around, come and say hello. And you can now visit us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our programme for the year.


First, the important news: Our first seminar is this coming Thursday at 6pm. One lucky person will win a copy of the book “Economics for Real People” along with $50 in cash. So come along and you could be the winner.

While many of you will have attended some of our seminars last year, this year we will be presenting and discussing new ideas and doing so in what we hope is a fun and interesting way. As you know, university provides you a fascinating intellectual journey where you learn about ideas and more importantly learn to challenge those ideas with honesty and intellectual rigour. That was why we established the Economics Group. We hope that what you learn here will play an important part in your journey and guide you in whatever field you choose to work.

This Thursday’s special seminar will provide a framework for viewing economics. Why is economics important? What are the range of schools of economic thought? We will then watch and discuss a music video that, in 6 minutes, presents the ideas of two contrasting schools of economics, all done in an entertaining and colourful manner. Some of you will remember this video from last year.

So visit us on Facebook (you can search for Auckland Economics Group also) and don’t forget our first meeting this Thursday night when you can go in to the draw to win the book and $50 in cash. See you there.

Where: Case Room 1, Level 0, Business School

When: Thursday 3 March, 6:00pm

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