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Economic Harmonies Part 2

Tonight at 6pm in Case Room 4 of the Business School, we will continue looking at Economic Harmonies. Specifically, we shall examine The General Gain from the Existence of Others and, as you will see, this will be done is an interesting and unique way.


* Why, in a division-of-labour society, prosperity is open to everyone
* What Thomas Edison gained from his cleaning lady (and what she gained from him)
* Why Lady Gaga should spend more time caterwauling and John Grisham more time writing books
* Why Malthus was wrong: greater population is a blessing not a curse
* How it is that in a division-of-labour society each of us gains from the existence of each other

Where: Case Room 4, Level 0, Business School
When: Tuesday 22 March, 6:00pm

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