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Sunday Economics – Capitalism: The Cure For Racism

A few of the more enthusiastic students from the Auckland Uni Econ Group and beyond have been hooking up on Sundays to work through George Reisman’s Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism.

It offers, as the sub–heading of Prof. Reisman’s book describes it, “a complete and integrated understanding of the nature and value of human economic life.”

This Sunday, tomorrow, we’ll be listening to Prof. Reisman’s classic lecture on “Capitalism: The Cure for Racism”—an extension of the Uniformity-of-Wages Principle, i.e.,

that the profit motive of employers [where it is free to operate] operates to eradicate all differences ni pay based not on differences in performance. Where such differences persist, they are [argues Reisman] the result of government intervention or private coercion that is sanctioned by the government.

This is an ideal time to come along and hear Prof Reisman’s mind at work on a subject no less topical today than when his lecture was first delivered. So why not come along and enjoy the discussion!

When: Sunday 31 July (tomorrow), 10:30am
Where: The Organon Architecture offices, Level 1, 236 Dominion Rd (next door to the Valley Rd supermarket carpark)

See you there!

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Sunday Economics with Professor Reisman – VENUE CHANGE

A reminder that we are meeting again tomorrow for our Sunday economics seminar with Professor Reisman.

Note that you do not need to have been to earlier seminars to attend. You should be able to pick up the material without any problems. Come along and learn about an integrated approach to economics from one of the great minds.

Tomorrow Sunday 10.30 am-12 noon (and every Sunday)

Note that we have changed location to make it easier for parking. Level 1, 236 Dominion Road, Mt Eden. (The entrance to the staircase is on Valley Road)

See you there.

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Battle of Ideas (Continued)

Hi all,

In this week's seminar (Tuesday) The University Economics Group 
continues with "The Battle of Ideas - A sweeping history of the 20th 
century". We will further see the power of ideas, specifically economic 
ideas, and how they have transformed the world.

Date: Tuesday, 12 July
Time: 6pm
Room: University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building,
Room 260-325

Look forward to seeing you there.
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