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The Origins of Money

Hello Everyone,

The news today is full of concerns over the state of the world’s economies; in fact these concerns have not subsided for the last three years. This has resulted in many central banks around the world having increased their printing of money, especially so in the United States which has printed hundreds of billions (if not trillions) of US currency.

But what theory is advanced for doing this?

Can printing bits of paper actually solve an economy’s problems?

And what are the long-term consequences of such a policy?

To help answer these questions we need to examine the often misunderstood economic concepts of inflation and deflation.

In this week’s seminar we set out to better understand these concepts. To do so we must first look at the origins of money and ask some more fundamental questions as to what money actually is. Did the market for money develop naturally or spontaneously or did it require a central authority to mandate its use?

Date: Tuesday, 2nd August 
Time: 6:00pm
Room: University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building, Case Room One (Level Zero)
Look forward to seeing you then,

The University of Auckland Economics Group

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