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Introduction to Law and Economics

There is great course being put on by the LEANZ on Law and Economics.  The reading material includes ‘Economics for Real People’ by Gene Callahan and ‘Economics in One Lesson’ by Henry Hazlitt, both of which you can find in the Resources Section of the Blog.  This may be a little expensive for students but anyone working for a company which sponsors short courses this is one not to be missed.  Go here for further information http://leanz.org.nz/leanz-short-course—intro-to-l-e



Professor Basil Sharp

Goals of the Course

This course is designed to give  participants a solid understanding of, and experience with, the application of economic models to law and organization, and  legal aspects of public policy.  The seminar series will  provide a comprehensive coverage of the field of law and economics for law and economic policy practitioners.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to apply an appropriate economic model to a range of topics  in property, contracts and torts, and identify the economic consequences of alternative legal rules.

Course Outline

The course will cover the economic analysis of law and organization, and the application of economics to property rights, patents and natural resource management. Topics include: contracts, transaction cost analysis, classical contracting, long-run contracts, enforcement, the role of market forces, risk aversion, remedies for breach, the economic theory for torts, negligence rules, strict liability, multiple torts, product

liability, crime, insider trading, business law and competition policy.

Learning and Teaching

The course will be conducted over eight weeks on Monday mornings from the 29

thof August 2011 to 31st October (missing 5th September and 24th of October), from 8.00am to 9.30am—cutting as little as reasonably possible out of the working day.

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