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Planning Without Plans

It’s said that the market can’t plan; that without a central planner no planning can get done.

It’s a mystery to many people, but just because they can’t see the planning themselves doesn’t mean there is nothing there.

The market does have a plan. It’s called the Price System.

The Price System is the means whereby hundreds of million individual decision-makers can coordinate their plans without ever having met each other.

This Monday at the Auckland Uni Economics Group we discuss the Price System and Economic Coordination—offering five simple principles to help you understand how the market almost automatically coordinates the economic activity of every person on the planet, and why order rather than an “anarchy of production” is the result.

Date: Monday, 30th of April

Time: 6pm

Place: Case Room 4, Level 0, Business School Building

Look forward to seeing you there.


PS: Note that due to popular demand all meetings are now being held on Monday evenings instead of Thursday evenings. We hope to see you there!

PPS: Many of you have been asking if you can bring friends along, especially friends who are not students—or not economics students. Our answer: of course!  The more the merrier.

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