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Free Event by The New Zealand Initiative: The End of Ponzi Prosperity

Hi everyone.


When it comes to the financial world and the power of economics few can explain it better than Satyajit Das. And this coming Tuesday at 5.30pm in downtown Auckland you have the opportunity to attend his presentation titled The End of Ponzi Prosperity. It is free to attend but you MUST REGISTER. To do this go to the event page:


The event synopsis reads “Have we spent too much for too long? Are the clever financial instruments that were supposed to prop up the system starting to buckle? Guest speaker Satyajit Das suggests we’re in a botox economy where things have been desperately covered up to conceal the truth. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, he says, are just the front carriages in an impending financial train wreck. In his talk, Satyajit Das will explore how the global economy and financial engine is resetting and the challenges ahead.


Satyajit Das is an international specialist in the area of financial derivatives, risk management, and capital markets. He acts as a consultant to banks, investors, corporations and regulators in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.


His latest book, Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk, (2011) was described by economist Nouriel Roubini as: “A true insider’s devastating analysis of the financial alchemy of the last 30 years and its destructive consequences.  With his intimate first-hand knowledge, Das takes a knife to global finance and financiers to reveal its inner workings without fear or favor.”


Satyajit Das was also featured in Charles Ferguson’s 2010 Oscar winning documentary Inside Job, the 2012 PBS Frontline series Money, Power & Wall Street and a 2009 BBC TV documentary – Tricks with Risk. A recent radio interview with him on the LIBOR scandal taking place in the UK offers some very interesting insights.



We hope to see you there.

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