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Guest Lecturer – Professor Steve Keen – Friday, September 7

Guest Lecturer: Steve Keen – Friday, September 7th

We are hosting, in conjunction with MADE and RSS, Professor Steve Keen, who will give a presentation on Friday the 7th of September:

Steve Keen is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney and author of Debunking Economics.

A long-time critic of neoclassical economics, Professor Keen includes in his economic modelling relevant real world data, and so was able to give fore-warning of the current global financial crisis.

“In order to solve the Global Financial Crisis, economists must start including money, banks and debt into their modelling.”

At the lecture Professor Keen will discuss the failures of monetary economics, talk about why the current economic situation cannot be solved with current methods, and present alternative economic models that reflect the real world, including a look at the work of Hyman Minsky.

“We currently have a dysfunctional financial system that has imposed unconscionable debt burdens upon some, and created enormous Ponzi-based wealth for others.”

He will also take a brief look at issues that affect New Zealand’s economic well-being, including our housing market, private debt levels and foreign asset ownership.

Date: Friday, September 7th

Time: 6pm
Location: OGGB4 (Lecture Theatre 4), Level 0, Business School

Look forward to seeing you there.

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